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Add members and guests
Add members and guests
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There are several ways users can interact with a Ryen workspace:

  • Admins: admins who can manage workspace settings, delete a workspace, and manage other admins, members, and guests.

  • Members: People on your team who can create and edit bots, but not edit settings or add members.

  • Guests: People external to your team who you want to work with on specific bots. They can be invited to individual bots, but not an entire workspace. They can't be given workspace-wide access. They must be invited to individual bots to view them.

How to invite admins and members

In your workspace, click on the Settings & Members button and then the Members tab.

You will see your Workspace members list.

There you can invite new admins or members and set existing members as admins.

How to invite guests

In your Ryen, click on the Invite users to collaborate icon button.

You will see the guests list and who has access to this particular Ryen.

Guests can either:

  • View the Ryen: they will be able to view the flow and the results but they will not be able to modify the flow.

  • Edit the Ryen: they will be able to view AND edit the flow and the results

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