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Review a Movie or TV Show
Review a Movie or TV Show
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Please note that it is not possible to review a Movie or TV Show directly on Cronica. To provide a review for a Movie or TV Show, you will need to visit the TMDB (The Movie Database) website.

Follow the steps below to leave a review:

1. Visit the TMDB website: Open your web browser and navigate to the TMDB website.

2. Search for the Movie or TV Show: Use the search functionality on TMDB to find the specific Movie or TV Show you want to review. Enter the title in the search bar and click the search button.

3. Access the Movie or TV Show page: From the search results, click on the desired Movie or TV Show to access its dedicated page.

4. Look for the review section: On the Movie or TV Show page, you should be able to find a section dedicated to user reviews. It may be located towards the bottom of the page or under a separate tab.

5. Leave your review: Within the review section, there should be an option to write and submit your review. Follow the instructions provided to share your thoughts, rating, and feedback on the Movie or TV Show.

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