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Change the language
Change the language
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You can now finally change the language in Cronica by scrolling down to the footer and there you can select the available languages.

To change the language displayed on Cronica, you will need to adjust the language settings of your device or browser. Follow the steps below to change the language:

1. Device Language: If you want to change the language for Cronica on a mobile device or computer, you can navigate to the device settings and look for the language settings. Once there, select your preferred language and save the changes. This should reflect the updated language on Cronica.

2. Browser Language: If you are accessing Cronica through a web browser, you can change the language by adjusting the browser settings. Go to the browser settings or preferences menu and search for the language settings. Select your desired language and save the changes. When you revisit Cronica, it should be displayed in the newly selected language.

Please keep in mind that these instructions may vary depending on the device or browser you are using. Refer to the documentation or support resources specific to your device or browser for detailed instructions on changing the language settings.

Note: It is recommended to restart the device or browser after making the language changes to ensure that the updates take effect.

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