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This services forwards domains using DNS only with HTTP(s) Redirects.

Possible scenarios:

  • Forward non-www to www or vice-versa

  • Forward old domains to new domains

  • Forward typo domains to correct domains

Why use this service?

  • No registration required

  • No hosting required

  • No coding required

  • No user tracking

  • Completely free

  • Open source

How it is possible?

  • Point your domain to us using CNAME or A records

  • Tell us where to forward using TXT records

  • We handle HTTPS certificates for you

Is it really free?

Yes. Forwarding domains should be easy to set up.

How can I check redirects will work?

This service uses Google's Public DNS Resolver. Once first accessed, values will be cached for a day.

Why does it load slowly?

It is only being slow the first time because it has to sign HTTPS certificates.

How about IPv6?

IPv6 record is added in r.redirectiontool.com so subdomain redirects will simply work with IPv6. We don't guarantee that its IPv6 address will be persistent though.

How about custom HTTP status code?

HTTP status can be customized using http-status= option. By default it's 301, which is a permanent redirection. You can set it to 302 for a temporary redirection. This matters for search engines.

What records do we keep?

We only keep caches of DNS records and HTTPS certificates. This also means we can see how many users and what domains are using our service from this cache, but that's all. We don't keep log traffic nor any visitor data anywhere on our server.

Can you guarantee the uptime?

We keep this service available at best. But as this is a free service, there's no guarantee. You can check our status page.

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